Monday, June 22, 2009

The Rules of the Road…

The Rules of the Road…

I road biked over at the Air Force Academy today.
To my legions of blog followers that bike over there let me say the following.

First of all if I am on a road bike at the Air Force Academy, that means I am on a ‘recovery ride’.

In fact, I try to not exceed Zone IV which tops out at a leisurely 144 bpm.

Now I know that this might seem strange doing a recovery ride in the rarified air and rolling hills of the AFA, but if you rode the trails around here you’d understand.

But anyway, the thing is don’t pass someone unless you are certain that you can maintain your pace. It is considered rude to pass someone and then slow down because….

…you are not suppose to pass someone whom passed you. You can let them pace you but don’t draft them or get closer than 15 feet.

That being said you are free to let them set the pace and ‘breathe down their necks’ as much as you want. In fact I’d say if they pass you make them sweat a little. But don’t re-pass them.

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